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Promo Clips

Jetting With Jamie

ActorsJamie Del Rey

Jamie is trying to make a flight but the only ride he will be taking is on the penis express

Shower Him With Love

ActorsBeau Irons

Beau walks in on his man taking a nice and steamy shower. While watching the water drip down his body he couldn't help but get hard. Now that he's done getting clean, it's time to get all dirty again!

Gets Me Up In The Morning

ActorsBeau Irons

Beau starts his day with a cup of coffee and decides what he wants to do with his day. Until he steps in on his man in bed and figures out exactly what he wants.

Intimate Architecture

ActorsIan Levine

Ian has his contractor come over to work on the floor plan for his latest design. After a few ideas and sketches, Ian feels he needs to collaborate with his college on a bit more of a personal level. Ian knows just the way to stimulate his mind.