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Promo Clips

Mike Orders A Special Ending

ActorsMike De Marko

Mike needs the kinks worked out of his body, so he calls a hot masseuse to get the job done. Unsatisfied, he requests the special: A nice deep anal massage.

The Handy Man Can

ActorsBrandon Moore

Brandon is sitting in his apartment just enjoying the view when till the handyman comes and starts cleaning his windows. After getting the glass nice and clean, he comes in and works with Brandon's squeegee.

Oiled and Analed

ActorsAndrew Fitch

Andrew loves the feel of a good massage. When it's done by his boyfriend, with those strong arms of his, it's even better. When his boyfriend whips out his dick and sticks it deep in Andrew's ass, that's when it feels the best.

Jerking With The Jammer

ActorsJake Jammer

There is a new sex game it is called Jerking with the Jammer and it is so much fun. When you shake your bubble butt and pull out your dick you get a special prize. Cum on and take a tug.